Official resellers and distributors for world-famous brands

We stock filaments, extrusion systems, hot ends, adhesives, PTFE tubes, even whole entire printers. These brands are instantly recognisable by the global 3D printing community.

  • Fillamentum

    We are Singapore's official distributor for Czech-based Fillamentum — renown for their high tech, engineering-grade, filaments as well as partnerships with well-known chemical companies. Available filaments for purchase from our store include PLA, PETG, CPE HG100, ASA, Non-Oilen (100% recyclable)

  • Protopasta logo


    Protopasta uses unique ingredients in their filament formulations with highly specialized machinery to produce some of the world's most beautiful and high performance filaments that enthusiasts keep falling in love with. Their range and uniqueness of colors are unmatched in the world of PLA filaments.

  • colorFabb

    colorFabb was founded in 2012 by Ruud Rouleaux (Helian Polymers). They are the true experts with deep knowledge of bio plastics, colorants and additives and developed a new class of PLA (PLA/PHA). They are known for their customizable 200+ RAL-matched color filaments and are available by order from 750g to 2.2kg spools.

  • add:north

    addnorth makes its filaments in Sweden, with a strong focus on sustainability and quality. Practically all of its filaments are extruded at tolerances of 0.025mm or better. REIFY 3D are honoured to be addnorth's first and only reseller outside of Europe.

  • 3D Gloop!

    A specially formulated adhesive compound designed specifically for the plastics used by 3D printers. The bonds are LUDICROUSLY STRONG.

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  • Capricorn Premium PTFE tubes

    Often imitated but never replicated, Capricorn XS and Capricorn TL Premium PTFE tubes allow printing at higher temperatures and reduce time wasted on long retractions.

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  • E3D

    Pioneers in the 3D printing community, E3D produces the world's best extrusion systems.

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