Improve success rate with repellent paint

We've all been there: a random blob of PETG or TPU falls onto your print, ruining it. Or maybe a piece gets stuck on the nozzle even after the nozzle cleaning phase, and defeats your fancy printer's "dual independent ABL". Fret not, Slice Engineering's plastic repellent paint comes to the rescue.

Simply apply it on a clean and cool nozzle, wait for it to dry, and you're all set and ready to get back to printing!

* Tested on Prusa MK4, MK3S+, MINI+, BambuLab X1C, P1P, P1S, Creality Ender, and pretty much all common brass and stainless steel nozzles.
** Not tested with coated nozzles such as ObXidian, Nozzle X etc. as these already have some repellent effect.
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