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PSU Cable Quick-release for Original Prusa Enclosure

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A quick-release connector for the 3D printer’s PSU cables. This is an ideal solution for everyone who often takes the printer out of the enclosure. This spare part is compatible only with the Original Prusa Enclosure.

By default, there’s enough clearance in the enclosure (and the PSU cables are long enough) for printer maintenance. However, if you plan to take the printer out of the box often, you can install a quick-release connector on the PSU cables – for instance, if you are running a print farm and need to switch your printers from time to time. Please note that only black PSUs (Delta) are supported. If you have the silver PSU, you need to upgrade it first.

Product includes:

  • Quick Release cable (Printer Side) - (1pc)
  • Quick Release cable (Black PSU Side) - (1pc)
  • Thumb screw M3x8 - (3 pcs)