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Conductive Filaflex TPU

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Conductive Filaflex TPU filament is an electrically conductive flexible filament, ideal for manufacturing electrically conductive parts or components and for creating wearable devices.

  • Shore hardness 92A
  • Flexible and conductive
  • Made in the EU

    NOTE: This is a flexible material and has been tested to work with Artillery X1 and Prusa MK4 and Prusa XL without modifications. There is no guarantee that this filament will work with your printer.


    It has an electrical resistance of approximately 3.9 Ω-cm. To determine if the material will fulfil the functions in a certain project, it must take into account that the resistance changes depending on its design.

    To successfully use Conductive Filaflex filament in electronic applications, the electrical resistance of the circuit must be considered and it must take into account that this filament is designed for low current applications.

    To print with this electrically conductive TPU filament, there is no need to use a hardened nozzle. In addition, Filaflex Conductive is a completely safe, flexible and conductive filament that will not damage the printer. However, to keep it in good condition, we recommend cleaning the nozzle very well after printing with this filament. This will remove any sediment that may have remained in the hotend. For this, another material such as PET-G can be used. Check out more information on hotend maintenance and repair and other recommendations.


    Conductive Filaflex TPU filament has countless applications. It can be used for: 

    – Creation of electrically conductive circuits used for flexible electronics, electromagnetic signal isolation, pressure-sensitive buttons,...

    – Wearable Electronics (3D printing on textiles).

    – Computer interface, joysticks, Arduino keyboards, digital keyboards, trackpad,...

    – Printing tracks for LEDs.

    – Surface electrodes and electrodes for muscle electro stimulation or medical devices, such as electrocardiogram patches.

    Printing temperature 245–250°C.
    Print speed 20mm/s
    Diameter tolerance 0.03 mm.
    Bed temperature 50–60˚C.
    Retraction speed 40 mm/s at a distance of 2-3 mm.
    Properties Conductive
    Electrostatic dissipation
    Shore hardness 92A