Fillamentum Media Links

A small collection of outbound media links showcasing or reviewing Fillamentum products:

3D Printing Industry, Fillamentum showcases its new 100% biodegradeable 3D printing filament in Dubai

Natalie Cheesemond, Loopy vase in Fillamentum Crystal Clear

Sophy Wong, Fillamentum Wizard's Voodoo Dress

Breaks'n'Makes, Voodoo Glitter Epicness - Fillamentum Wizard's Voodoo

Make Anything, My Favorite PLA Filaments 2019 // Cool Prints 6, Wizard’s Voodoo

Breaks'n'Makes, Vertigo Galaxy

Staal 3D, Noob's Filament Guide - Fillamentum Vertigo Galaxy

Richard Mrázek, Black Rabbit of Inle – PLA Filament "VERTIGO GALAXY" by Fillamentum test

EastMount3D - BYWEBBEREN, The Beast 3D-printer making a gecko in Fillamentum Vertigo Galaxy PLA-filament

Practical Printing, Review of Fillamentum Vertigo Grey

Make Anything, Acorntainers // 3D Printing with Wood and Staining

Breaks'n'Makes, 3D Printing in Wood Filament

irblinx, 3D Printing - Fillamentum Flexfill 98A

HAWK 3D PROTO, The Fillamentum Vertigo Starlight Review: Vlog With Ben Episode Seventy Five

JAT.MN, Fillamentum PLA Extrafill - Vertigo Grey

3DP Iceland, Fillamentum ASA Extrafill Filament Review

3DP Iceland, Fillamentum Nylon FX256 Extrafill Review

FilamentStories, Fillamentum's Extrafill Vertigo Jade PLA

Flyer FPV, OWL - Fillamentum Extrafill PLA - Gold Happens, Fillamentum CPE HG100 Bending and Layer Adhesion

My Tech Fun, Is this another solution for food safe 3D printing? Nonoilen filament from Filamentum.

Wekstergram,Vertigo Mystique

3D Printing Industry, Fillamentum teams with Tomas Bata University designer to build 3D printed electric bike

3D Printing Industry (cached), Fillamentum Industrial releases a selection of new materials, including Flexfill TPE

3D Printing Industry (cached), Fillamentum launches its new high-performance engineering filament — Fluorodur