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AzteQ Dynamic

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AzteQ Dynamic Printer Set

Professional desktop 3D printer with delta kinematics for top quality print output

- Printing of standard materials PLA and PETG/CPE, but also composites such as PA-CF and PC-CF

- Print volume with a diameter of 30 cm and a height of 40 cm

- Automatic tensometric calibration before each print

- Printer easily controlled from anywhere (DeltaControl display and/or WebControl interface via Wifi/LAN)

- Built-in camera with printing surface illumination for visual supervision

- Local or secure remote connection (VPN) to check printing from anywhere

- Fixed, heated magnetic bed ready for exchangeable, flexible PrintPads with different surfaces

- Magnetically attached, easily swappable print head: E3D Volcano hotend, brass nozzle, 0.4 mm (CU-AQ1)

- E3D Titan extruder with Bowden filament guide

- Option to order a version with a front door

- Dimensions of the printer: floor plan 50x50 cm and height 105 cm; weight approx. 35 kg

- Set of accessories and starter printing filament

- Delivery and individual AzteQ training within the Czech Republic/SK

- One-year TRILAB Hotline Support beyond the statutory warranty