About Reified MK4

What is a Reified MK4?

It's an Original Prusa MK4 kit assembled in Singapore by Reify 3D, the official Prusa Research value-added reseller. That's us.

Why does it exist?

Since the factory-assembled MK4 is put together in Europe, the price will naturally be higher due to its shipping dimensions, declared customs value, and GST.

Reified MK4 is $188 cheaper, with full warranty. Additionally, there is a non-cumulative 10% discount for selected Fillamentum and Protopasta filaments purchased through us, valid for one calendar year.

What can we offer?

As an official Prusa value-added reseller, we can also:

  • Supply printed parts in different colorways or materials
  • Print a custom Nextruder case
  • Assemble an Original Prusa Enclosure, with accessories or aftermarket parts such as the ElideFire Fire Extinguishing Ball
  • Upgrade to an MMU3 (when it becomes available)

Why does it take at least 2 working days?

The printers are assembled on demand. We also take the right amount of time to make sure the printer is in good working condition prior to delivery.

Get in touch

If you want to learn more, get in touch via chat or send a WhatsApp message to +65 9682 7677.