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Prusa Research

Original Prusa Enclosure

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NOTE: Photos depict certain optional equipment that are not part of the kit. e.g. advanced filtration system. Contact us should you need clarification.

Why have a Prusa Enclosure?

  • You have pets and/or children
  • You want to print materials such as ABS/ASA, PC, PA where a thermally stable operating environment is ideal
  • You want to reduce printer noise even further
  • You want to reduce exposure to Ultra Fine Particles

Suitable for:

  • Original Prusa MK4
  • Original Prusa MK3S+
  • Original Prusa MINI+
  • Original Prusa MINI


  • Dimensions with the LCD mounted outside: 530 mm (w) × 545 mm (h) × 715 mm (d)
  • Dimensions with the LCD inside: 530 mm (w) × 545 mm (h) × 640 mm (d) At least 250 mm is required in front of the enclosure for the doors to fully open
  • Enclosure type: Passive, heating provided only by the 3D printer’s heatbed
  • Weight: 10.6 kg
  • Max stackable units: up to 5 (with more than 3 enclosures, anchoring to a wall is recommended)

Contents: All components required to build the enclosure (frame parts, transparent side panels, top and bottom panels, mounting material, printer frame brace), humidity/temperature sensor, and documentation. Handles and optional 3D-printed accessories seen in some photos are not included in the package. DOES NOT INCLUDE PRINTER.


Kit: You assemble the enclosure yourself. It will take about 5 hours, not including disassembly of printer. Includes local delivery.

Reified: We assemble the kit, fresh from an unopened box. Needs one working day lead time. Includes local delivery.