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PP3D polypropylene filament is an advanced high-impact, chemical-resistant, durable and very easy-to-print polypropylene filament, which incorporates a fixative 'primer' to be applied before printing.

  • Chemical resistant
  • Easy to print
  • Made in the EU

Polypropylene filament PP-3D has been developed jointly with the multinational Repsol This synergy has made it possible to launch a high-quality polypropylene thanks to its high degree of experience in Polyolefin manufacture.

The PP·3D polypropylene filament has exceptional fatigue resistance, high levels of toughness, a low friction coefficient, and is non-toxic. Its finish is impressive, similar to injection molding, which eliminates the appreciation of the layer bond, resulting in a very high-quality piece with exceptional finish.


  • The polypropylene filament PP-3D is a material with great applicability in many sectors. Suitable for food contact and autoclaving (natural colour only). It is an ideal material to create:
  • Bottles and containers as functional or end-use prototypes that require sealing to contain a liquid product.
  • Mechanical components, tools and industrial parts with high electrical resistance.
  • Parts that must be resistant to salts, acids, solvents, fats and oils.
  • Parts that require low friction and resistance to heat.
Printing temperature 230°C.
Print speed 40 mm/s
Diameter tolerance 0.03mm
Layer height 0.2 mm.
Bed temperature 40º C once primer is applied (not included) and 80º C with other primers e.g. MagiGoo PP.
Retraction speed 40 mm/s at a distance of 3.2 mm (for printers with direct extrusion) and 25 mm/s at a distance of 6 mm (for printers with Bowden type extrusion).
Minimum nozzle diameter 0.4 mm–0.6 mm