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DeltiQ 2 and DeltiQ 2 Plus

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Professional desktop 3D printer with delta kinematics for top quality printing output

- Print volume with a diameter of 25 cm and a height of 30 cm / 50 cm

- Compact printer size with a 41x50 cm footprint and a height of 81 cm

- 32 bit electronics for print control including automatic calibration

- The printer can be easily controlled using the wireless DeltaControl display 

- Remote control of the printer using WebControl interface via Wifi/LAN

- Built-in camera with print illumination and secure remote connection (VPN) allows control of the print from anywhere

- Fixed and heated bed for magnetic attachment of flexible PrintPads with different surfaces

- Easily replaceable print head PH-LP-DQ2 (E3D V6 hotend, brass nozzle, 0.4 mm)

- Extruder (E3D Titan) in a bowden configuration

- Set of accessories and starter printing filament

- Delivery and individual training within the Czech Republic or online training

- TRILAB Hotline Support beyond the statutory warranty for the first year


Here's what 3D Printing Industry says:

It's not a stretch to say the results of this repeatability test were some of the best we've ever seen for an FDM 3D printer. The average offset came in at just 0.034mm with a standard deviation of only 0.0336mm, which is only possible because TRILAB has put so much effort into correctly calibrating each of its driving motors. For reference, most high-performance FDM systems will claim dimensional precisions of up to 0.1mm, which qualifies them for prototpying and end-use production for industrial application.

TRILAB DeltiQ 2 - a masterclass in delta FDM 3D printing.


Delta kinematics

Carbon fiber arms with high-quality THK (Japan) linear rails. Static bed means vibrations are minimal and tall prints are less likely to fail. With 3 motors sharing the load of controlling a light print head, DeltiQ 2 is fast, accurate, and precise.

Large build volume

250mm diameter and 300mm in height. DeltiQ 2 Plus offers up to 500mm in build height.

Automatic bed mesh compensation

Using an induction sensor, DeltiQ 2 probes the bed at 101 points to determine the bed mesh and adjusts the nozzle heightt at appropriate points to ensure a good first layer.

Swappable flexible steel build plates

Available in smooth or powdered (textured) PEI sheets.

FlexPrint 2

Print flexible materials with optional FlexPrint 2 extrusion system.

Authentic E3D extrusion and hot end

Authentic E3D Titan extrusion system in Bowden configuration.

Authentic E3D V6 hot end shipped as standard. Upgrade to Volcano or Super Volcano.

Print PLA, ABS, ASA, PETG, PA, CPE, and practically all thermoplastics up to 280˚C.

Remote monitoring

Built in surveillance camera, with LED lighting for build platform. Status light allows immediate determination of current operating status without having to check the control panel or status web page.

Remote diagnostics and over-the-air updates

A factory technician is able to remotely determine the printer's status and correct software faults, as well as update the firmware remotely.

Emergency stop button

Stop the printer immediately.

Best in class electronics

32-bit Duet control board with open source RepRap firmware.

Best in class software

Control the printer with an Android phone (supplied) or via a web interface.

Ready-made printer and filament profiles in PrusaSlicer.

Factory-calibrated integration for QuadPrint, the multimaterial solution from Mosaic Manufacturing (Palette 2 system). Allows printing up to 4 different filaments without having to manually intervene.