REIFY 3D aims to bring dependable, high quality FFF/FDM products to the additive manufacturing community for a reasonable price.

We are not drop shippers; we don't just register a sale and leave the support to third parties. We are a Singapore-registered private limited company and are distributors for famous brands such as Fillamentum®, Protopasta, colorFabb, addnorth AB, E3D, and TRILAB3D.

We offer aesthetically pleasing PLA such as the Fillamentum Vertigo series, to engineering materials such as Fluorodur, nylon carbon fiber, CPE HG100, vinyl, and even breakthrough blends such as Timberfill® and NonOilen® 

For FIllamentum, sample rolls of 15m length can be purchased inexpensively for tests and evaluation before committing to a full spool. This makes sense for highly hygroscopic materials which can be hard to keep dry in tropical climates. Samples and full spools are packed and sealed from the factory, ensuring the highest quality. 

We also offer Protopasta, which is well-known for its gorgeous multicolor HTPLA and specialty metal, wood, and electrically-conductive filaments.

We are also honoured to be able to stock colorFabb, with its incredible VarioShore TPU, as well as LightWeight PLA and LightWeight ASA filaments. Additionally, we offer colorFabb's Color on Demand service, where we can provide you with an RAL color-matched PLA, starting from just a single 750g spool.

Clearly, there has to be a material or color in our portfolio that should suit your specific application.

We don't just sell filament, we also print. A lot. Using the brands of those we represent, and even those we don't, so that we can make the best determination of what works, and what doesn't.

Box of prints


We can be reached at info@reify3d.com should you have queries, or wish to provide feedback about our products and services.