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Original Prusa MINI+ Semi-assembled 3D Printer

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Why choose Prusa MINI+?

  • Designed in accordance to IEC/ISO standards that pertain to operator safety, fire safety, and easy maintenance
  • Small footprint, a great choice for small offices and homes
  • Whisper quiet
  • Portable and easy to store
  • Minimal moving parts; easy to understand its operating principles, making maintenance a breeze
  • Equipped with USB and Ethernet port for network security and high reliability, ready for WiFi expansion
  • Ready for Prusa Connect, allowing remote print management and monitoring (camera not included)
  • Sold by authorized Prusa reseller with direct factory contacts.
  • Printer is delivered semi-assembled, which will take about 30 minutes of set up to make it ready to print. Select "ready to go" to have the printer fully ready to print when delivered.


  • 180x180x180mm build volume
  • 380x340x380mm printer dimensions without spool holder and external power supply
  • 4.5kg net weight without spool holder and external power supply
  • Up to 280˚C nozzle temperature, 100˚C bed temperature
  • Bowden drive system
  • Accepts 1.75mm filament size
  • Nozzle material: Brass, suitable for printing common thermoplastics. Optional materials such as hardened steel, ObXidian etc are available separately
  • Nozzle orifice diameter: 0.4mm, many optional sizes available separately


  • Prusa MINI+ semi-assembled in Czech Republic
  • External power supply and spool holder
  • Orange-black colorway for printed parts
  • Extra satin flexible steel sheet in addition with standard smooth PEI
  • 1 year factory warranty with local support
  • Free local delivery
  • Non-cumulative 10% discount for Fillamentum and Protopasta filaments from delivery date