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Prusa MK4/MK3.9/MK3S+/MK3 flexible steel sheet

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Suitable for:

  • Original Prusa MK4
  • Original Prusa MK3.9
  • Original Prusa MK3S+
  • Original Prusa MK3
  • Original Prusa MK2.5S
  • Original Prusa MK2.5
  • Original Prusa MMU2S
  • Original Prusa MMU2
  • Original Prusa MMU3

Usage notes:

Material Smooth PEI Textured Satin
PLA Great Not recommended. Large model may warp.
PETG Not recommended. Needs glue stick to avoid damge Great Great
ABS/ASA Not recommended OK OK
Needs glue stick OK Needs glue stick


Do not apply acetone to textured or satin sheets! This will cause damage. You may apply a very small amount of acetone to the smooth PEI sheet, and only occasionally, but do not let it sit on the surface.

Refer to Prusa's knowledge base for detailed guide on how to select the correct build surface for your printer.

Important note!

Consumable parts, such as PEI sheets (smooth, textured, etc.) are not covered by warranty as the coatings are designed to diminish over time unless failure has occurred due to a defect in materials or workmanship. Cosmetic damage, including but not limited to scratches, dents, cracks or other cosmetic damage is also not covered by the warranty. Only defective sheets on arrival are covered by warranty.

All sheets are checked and verified to be within tight specifications. However,
these specifications are both considering the manufacturing method and the sheets function (adhesion and durability used with certain material types), but not the cosmetic aspect of the pattern left on printed parts. We can not guarantee the pattern left on your printed objects will match perfectly from sheet to sheet.