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Adura™ FDA

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  • A specially developed Nylon co-polymer
  • Print parts with tight tolerances and minimal warpage
  • Lower crystallinity makes it better suitable and easier to use

Adura™ FDA is made using a specially developed Nylon copolymer with all the durability you expect from Nylon.

It has a lower crystallinity compared to other Nylons, which makes it better suitable and easier to use in FFF-printing.

Adura™ has a very low shrinkage rate which allows for printing parts with tight tolerances and with minimal warpage. This enables users to create functional parts with a specific size requirement.

The material furthermore complies with all the requirements of the FDA regulations 21 CFR 177.1500. It is however the responsibility of the customer/user/printer to go through any and all certifications for the final prints to also be FDA certified.