Resellers for TriLAB's DeltiQ 2, DeltiQ 2 Plus, and AzteQ

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As we close out 2021, we're pleased to announce that we are resellers for TriLAB's line of 3D printers!

TriLAB's delta printers are a step up from common cartesian-style "bed slingers". The build plate is stationary and does not move, offering superb print quality and fast printing speeds comparable to CoreXY kinematics. Tall and thin models are not as prone to toppling over as compared to cartesian-style printers.


TriLAB DeltiQ 2 delta printer

DeltiQ 2 runs on E3D V6 hot end with an E3D Titan extruder mounted in Bowden configuration, allowing for a light toolhead that prints fast. It also has an optional toolhead for printing flexible materials.

There is no need to install Octoprint as DeltiQ 2 can be controlled remotely via web access. A standard camera allows you to monitor the print at all times, from anywhere. Everything runs on a premium 32-bit board, produced by Duet3D.

With a base print area of 250mm diameter, DeltiQ 2 offers 300mm in the Z axis while DeltiQ 2 Plus goes up to 500mm.

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