Global Additive Manufacturing Summit (GAMS) 2023

Global Additive Manufacturing Summit (GAMS) 2023

We are honored to have taken part in GAMS 2023, a prestigious event held by NAMIC. Not only was the reception wonderful, we also had the opportunity to present Fillamentum NonOilen® to Minister of State (Ministry of Trade & Industry, as well as Ministry of Culture, Community, and Youth), Mr Alvin Tan.

Greeting Mr Alvin Tan at the REIFY 3D booth

Mr Tan is impressed with the heat deflection temperature of NonOilen®, which is not only biodegradable, but also makes it suitable for certain engineering applications.

We also brought a Prusa MK4 to demonstrate that, despite all the conflicting propaganda, bed slingers are still very much alive and well.

Prusa MK4 in action

Of course, Mr Gavin Lim aka Gavinfuzzy was also at the booth. Mr Lim is a world-renowned foam blaster designer and engineer, based in Singapore. Here, he is demonstrating his original creation made from Fillamentum and Protopasta filaments.

Gavin explaining how his blaster works

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