E3D Revo™ Six and Revo™ Micro are now available for preorder

E3D Revo™ Six and Revo™ Micro are now available for preorder

As an authorized reseller, we are excited to participate in the launch of E3D's highly-anticipated new hot end, the Revo™ Micro / Revo™ Six. However, demand is very strong and quantities are expected to be constrained.

Revo™ is available in 12V and 24V versions. Revo™ Six is a drop-in replacement for the popular E3D V6 hot end. It uses groove mount. Revo™ Micro is the new lightweight hot end design that weighs just 30g! It is rigidly mounted to the carriage using screws. More details on the E3D blog.

tl;dr version:

  • One-handed nozzle change with cold hot end; no more burns!
  • PTC heating element; much lower risk of thermal runaway, and faster heating!
  • Revo™ Micro is lighter which means fewer artifacts when printing fast, and less inertia leading to lower mechanical wear on your printer's motion system.
  • Revo™ Six is a drop-in replacement for E3D V6 so your existing E3D product investments are secure and can continue to be used.


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Item Price in SGD
Hemera Revo with 4 nozzles 328
Hemera Revo with single 0.4mm nozzle 258
Revo Six with 4 nozzles 218
Revo Micro with 4 nozzles 218
Revo Six with 0.4mm nozzle 138
Revo Micro with 0.4mm nozzle 138
Pack of 3x nozzles, 0.25mm, 0.6mm, 08mm 98
Pack of 3x 0.4mm nozzles 98
Single 0.25, 0.4mm, 0.6mm or 0.8mm nozzle 38
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