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Print at higher temperatures and improve accuracy with a Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD). Both Pt1000 and Pt100 RTD's use a platinum resistor for the ultimate in temperature sensing performance. Although the Pt1000 temperature sensor works with many boards out of the box with or without an amplifier, it will require an amplifier in most cases.

Our Pt1000 platinum RTD resitance is perfect for any Pt1000-compatible 3D printers.  However, if your stock printer is already setup to use a Pt100, we recommend going that route to save you the hassle of having to mess with firmware settings.

Specifications for Both Pt100 and Pt1000:

  • Accurate from freeze-your-butt-off cold (-50 °C) to instantly-boil-your-innards hot (500 °C)
  • Totally linear temperature response improves sensing accuracy across the range
  • 15 mm long. 3 mm diameter sensor cartridge 
  • 2 m long bare leads allow for easy adaptation to any 3D printer build
  • 300 series stainless steel cartridge to boost durability
  • Robust, thin-film construction sensor
  • 24 AWG multistranded cable with fiberglass insulation

Pt100 Unique Specifications:

  • Highly accurate, IEC 60751 Class A tolerance (+/- 0.15 + 0.002 |t| °C)
  • Requires MAX31865 amplifier
  • For firmware instructions, click here.

Pt1000 Unique Specifications:

  • Highly accurate, IEC 60751 Class B tolerance (+/- 0.3 +0.005 |t| °C)
  • For firmware instructions, click here.

Note: A dowel pin is included to fill in the extra space in the temperature sensor slot on the hot block. More information can be found here.