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Prusa Polymers

Prusament PETG

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  1. Material: PETG
  2. Net weight: ≥ 1kg
  3. Diameter: 1.75 ± 0.02mm
  4. View extrusion width log by scanning QR code or visiting website
  5. Made in Czech Republic and imported by authorized distributor


Carbon Fiber Black. Compared to regular Prusament PETG, this material has better dimensional stability, better temperature resistance, higher modulus of elasticity, and is less prone to stringing. On the other hand, its hardness is lower compared to regular PETG. We advise to use a abrasive-resistant nozzle, preferably with orifice diameter of 0.5mm or higher.

Matte Black. When regular PETG is printed cold, it loses its gloss. However, this color retains the mechanical properties of PETG without having to extrude colder.