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addnorth PETG Economy

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  • All-round, easy-to-use PETG filament
  • Low warping
  • Best value for money (1,000g spool size)

addnorth’s PETG Economy is an easy-to-use filament at a very low price point. Produced with the same high quality as all of their other filaments, but with fewer added color pigments to reduce production cost. Made from high quality PETG material without any additives to give you a pure printing experience.

PETG has grown to be one of the most popular materials for many users. It has in many ways replaced ABS as the primary material for technical applications mainly because of its chemical resistance. PETG Economy is highly suitable for functional parts thanks to a working temperature of up to 75°C, together with high wear resistance, excellent UV-properties and chemical resistance.

For additional printing advice, check out our cheat sheets for recommended slicer settings in Cura, Simplify 3D and PrusaSlicer. 

addnorth PETG Economy, together with all of their other filaments, are made in Sweden and have a diameter tolerance of ±0.025mm.

PETG Economy is available on 1,000g spools in 1.75mm diameter.