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Filament PET-G that has extraordinary mechanical properties comparable to ABS, without harmful fumes, and is as easy to print as PLA. It is also resistant to chemical agents and durable.

  • Ideal for technical and industrial parts
  • High chemical resistance
  • Made in the EU

      The PET-G filament from Recreus is composed of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) with added glycol (G) to create a less brittle and easier-to-use filament for 3D printing.

      PET-G filament has become increasingly popular for 3D printing due to its exceptional mechanical properties, comparable to ABS, while being as easy to print as PLA.

      This filament is ideal for printing technical and industrial parts due to its strong layer adhesion, lack of odor emissions, and high resistance to chemical agents like solvents and acetone. It can also withstand high temperatures and is highly durable and resistant.

      Using PET-G filament for 3D printing allows for parts that require some flexibility and pressure while still maintaining hardness. The finished product will have a shiny finish and eliminate any issues with cracking or warping in your 3D printer.


      The Recreus Filament PET-G is ideal for printing parts that require certain flexibility and pressure, as well as good resistance to shocks (even at low temperatures). Ideal for mechanical and industrial applications, such as: 

      – Protective parts or food containers.

      – Industrial parts for the mechanical or automotive sector and electronic parts such as covers or covers.

      – Functional finished products such as supports and latches or prototypes of containers, packaging and bottles.

      – Decorative elements: lamps, figures,...

      Printing temperature 230–260°C.
      Print speed 15–100 mm/s
      Diameter tolerance 0.03 mm.
      Layer height 0.08–0.3 (for 0.4 mm nozzles). Optimal results 0.15 mm.
      Bed temperature 40–70ºC. Do not use a bare smooth PEI surface with PET-G. If that is your only sheet, use a layer separator such as PVA glue.
      Retraction speed 25–100 mm/s at a distance of 3.5–6.5 mm (optimal 4.5 mm).
      Properties Metallised effect