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Nebula Rainbow Multicolor HTPLA

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Nebula with rainbow glitter!

  • A one-of-a-kind variegated filament inspired by outer space
  • Translucent blues, purples, pinks, and with lots of rainbow glitter
  • An Endless Pasta filament inspired by Nebula & Wonder Blue
  • Results will vary as every color transition and spool is unique
  • Designed & produced by Protoplant, makers of Protopasta

Nebula Stardust has a slightly darker, cool gray undertone compared to the original, but with more silver sparkles. Nebula Gold Dust has a warm undertone along with the bright gold sparkles. Nebula Rainbow’s addition of multicolor glitter brings a darker undertone, but with a cosmic confetti explosion that’ll leave the Big Bang feeling jealous. It’s multicolor squared! ;-)