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For the Lulz Metallic Green HTPLA

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Another shout out to Thomas Sanladerer ( for the challenge to make an ugly color during his visit.  We ended up with some greens that weren't terrible and found it's very difficult to make an ugly color.  To be honest, Lulzbot's company green is not my favorite color, but it was a fun challenge to recreate this color.  I was inspired by the recent Mini 2 release shortly after ERRF.  Realizing I'd missed seeing Lulzbot at ERRF, I followed my inspiration to make For the Lulz Metallic Green HTPLA .  Who knew adding sparkles would totally change my impression of this color?  In the light it shifts from lemon to lime covering all the versions I've seen of this color.  I find it shockingly beautiful and I hope you do to!  Enjoy!!!