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3D Gloop

3D Gloop!

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Ever tried to "super-glue" two pieces of plastic together? Especially PET? The bond is weak and the glued sections would easily fall apart with minimal effort. Cyanoacrylate glues aka "superglue" do a poor job of gluing plastic parts, despite marketing claims.

3D Gloop! is a specially formulated adhesive compound designed specifically for the plastics used by 3D Printers.


1. Reduce filament usage by slicing the model to eliminate need for supports, then Glooping them together.
2. Multicolor and multimaterial parts can be printed separately and then Glooped.
3. Smooth layer lines
4. Increase print adhesion to build surface

An adhesive

Permanently and effortlessly fuse PLA prints together in seconds! Works with PET/PETG/co-polyesters as well! No messy epoxy mixing required. Just brush on a little 3D Gloop! with the built in applicator wand, dropper, or squeeze tube and press your parts together!

Nano-particles fuse into the surface of your print as the specially formulated solvent of 3D Gloop! reacts with the print surface ensuring a permanent, long lasting bond.

A coating

Want to remove layer lines? Brush on a thin coating of 3D Gloop! to the area you wish to smooth and in seconds, you will see a glossy smooth surface begin to emerge!

For best results, gently sand your print up to 200 grit then follow up with the application of 3D Gloop! followed by light sanding again. Your part is ready for paint!

Multiple applications of 3D Gloop! can be applied, just wait about 10 minutes between applications.

A build plate surface preparation layer

With 3D Gloop!, warping is a thing of the past. The unique adhesive formula bonds PLA firmly to glass, metal, even painters and polyamide taped build plates without expensive upgrades, heated build chambers, or rafts required!

3D Gloop! is easily brushed onto the build surface of your printer just before it's time to print. A uniform coating over the area just a bit bigger than your intended print is all that is needed. Put up to 3 layers down to ensure a super strong hold!

*That said, 3D Gloop! is made from science, not magic. If you are attempting tall, large prints, and try to print in drafty environments, your higher layers could still separate and curl, but your bottom layers never will. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR PRUSA-STYLE PEI plates because the bond would be too strong and damage the PEI surface!

Once your print is finished, all you have to do is work a scraper/spatula under the print to break it free. Alternatively, if you're headed to bed, you can wait for your print to cool and generally a simple twisting motion will free your print from the build plate.

When you're ready to print again a sharp putty knife or scraper peels away the unused gloop easily and effortlessly.

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Testing 3d Gloop for PLA, thank you 3d Printing Nerd for the heads up !

Safety and handling

3D Gloop! is a solvent, so use it in a well-ventilated area, avoid skin and eye contact. In event of contact, flush with cold running water and wash off with soap. Do not ingest or expose to sources of ignition. Store in cool and dry location, keep out of reach of children.

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