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Visit to Czechia 🇨🇿

In our mission to bring quality 3D printing products to Singapore, we visited our suppliers in Czechia 🇨🇿 in June.

First up, Prusa Research.

Miniature JosefMiniature Josef on Large JosefShot of Big Josef

There was no shortage of 3D printers. They are producing and shipping as fast as they can make them.

View of Prusa farmAutomated farm system

Alpacas make everything better!

Of course, we also had to go to TRILAB which was quite a distance from Prague.

Photo of Martina, Erik, Vojtech

TRILAB printers AQI and DQ2

Check out this print quality. 

Shoe printed on TRILAB printer

More print samples

What layer lines?!

And of course, Fillamentum, which was even further away.

View of Fillamentum offices

Testing is done all the time, on common printers. There are a lot more printers than shown here.

Some 3D printers working

Yes, even Bambulab with AMS is tested with Fillamentum.

More 3D printers


This is NonOilen® compounded with sand from Dubai, for the Dubai World Expo back in 2020.

NonOilen® with Dubai sand

Fillamentum states that its filament has a tolerance of ±0.05mm, but errs on the conservative side. Here is a live production run that shows that this spool doesn't even exceed ±0.02mm. Concentricity is also measured and is amongst the industry's best.

Production data

Fillamentum is certified for IATF 16949 and ISO 9001. This means that there are formal quality management systems in place, including dealing with customer feedback of products that are deemed to be defective. Not only that, Fillamentum is also certified ISO 14001, which paves the way for an environmental management system. There aren't that many companies with such certifications, let alone in the AM industry.

It was not all work, though. We also spotted some familiar brands in Prague.

Chatime bubble tea

Overall we had a great experience in Czechia. Hope to visit again, soon!

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