Fillamentum Wizard's Voodoo PLA

Fillamentum Wizard's Voodoo PLA

Even amongst premium PLA, Fillamentum Wizard's Voodoo stands out from others with its unique shimmery surface. Depending on the lighting, its color varies between deep purple and a dark gray.

Model: Print-in-place spider by dansopala at MyMiniFactory

Printer: Prusa i3 Mk3S+ at 0.3mm layer height


Straight from the box.

Print-in-place spider

A solid, even purge line is an indication of quality.

Purge line

It appears dark gray here because the phone's color balance is thrown off by the cutting mat's green. It's still the same print!

Perfect underside

Overhangs are pefect.


Closeup of spider

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